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The PQRSPRO Client Services Team

When you have a question about how our system works, or about a Medicare Quality Program requirement, this is the team on the other end of the phone or e-mail! If you would like to see a full staff page that includes our development staff and testers, check out the Healthmonix Company Website!

Dr. Barbara

Barbara has worked with Healthmonix in research and communication since 2009. She provides learned and knowledgeable consulting to practices, healthcare systems, and specialty organizations of all sizes and specialties. Her refined understanding of the evolving criteria and intent of quality reporting and quality / performance improvement, continuing education and certification requirements has assisted a multitude of successful implementation. She holds a BA in Communication / Psychology, an MPA, and a PhD in Public Policy – bringing consummate research and consultation capabilities to our valued clients and partners.


Seretha (MBTI: ENTP, Ennetype: 5w4 sx/sp) graduated from Eastern University with a B.A. in philosophy and theology. She then completed an MDIV with research honors in 2012. Lately, she serves at Healthmonix in the position of Customer Support Manager and Organizational Development Specialist and has discovered a curious correlation between the skillset necessary for both metaphysics and organizational development…


Christina (MBTI: INTP, Ennetype: 7w8 sx/sp) graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies from West Chester University, with minors in Psychology and Creative Writing. Currently, she is utilizing her schooling to market Healthcare Technology Solutions for Healthmonix. She also is the one who put this whole site together, and is sad that she spent all of her creativity on the PQRSPRO pre-login site and has none left for her bio.


Jon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Environmental Science. After starting off at Healthmonix in customer support and measure development, Jon transitioned to data management, helping clients retrieve and organize big data for comprehensive reporting.


After a long 35 year career as an Administrator in Healthcare, Ellen decided to retire with her husband. After a 5 year hiatus, she realized that retirement was boring and joined the Healthmonix team part-time. She works in accounting and assists with customer support.


Christopher graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Education. Rather than stay within the classroom, he took this skill to Healthmonix, where he assists new and potential customers in understanding our solutions. He also works closely with the Healthmonix team to develop and deliver effective webinars and educational materials for our clients.


Kelly  is newer to Healthmonix, joining us this fall, but is a customer service veteran. Her calm and soothing demeanor makes her a customer favorite, and her brilliance has allowed her to quickly learn PQRS reporting requirements and how to best explain them to providers. You are in excellent hands with Kelly! Being newer to the company, she is the only one on this page who did not have the privilege of writing her own bio. This is one of those times that having a close personal relationship with the marketing department may (or may not) have paid off.


Bio coming soon!

About PQRSPRO by Healthmonix

PQRSPROTM by Healthmonix has been a qualified PQRS registry since 2009.  We have led the industry in providing innovative solutions for PQRS reporting since we began participating in the program.

Healthmonix is a leader in providing Quality Improvement and Continuing Medical Education. Our innovative technology is used by hospitals, private practices, medical education associations, and other health care professionals across the country.

Healthmonix provides technology solutions focused on the continuing professional development of clinicians.  Our solutions address the need for clinicians to utilize advances and current clinical evidence to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.   Our technology solutions provide innovative approaches to clinical data registries, healthcare learning systems, and patient engagement.  While each is important in its own right, the combination of the three provides an even more powerful platform for the improvement of patient healthcare outcomes.

Healthmonix solutions align with requirements mandated by CMS, medical boards, continuing medical education certification bodies, medical specialty associations, and other certifying agencies.  We are a privately held corporation based in Malvern, PA, just outside Philadelphia.